Class of 2022 Senior Information


Dates (’21-’22 School Year)

(These dates/times may change due to extraneous circumstances; check back frequently for updates.)

** If you are a senior that is off campus for part of the day, you are still responsible for attending all meetings; if you do not attend the meetings, we cannot be held responsible for you not knowing updated information.

  • June
    • Senior Class Portraits (You will receive time and date through the mail.)
  • July
    • Senior Class Portraits (You will receive time and date through the mail.)
  • August
    • 6th – Orientation (Begin Purchasing T-shirts / Privilege Cards)
    • 12th – Senior Portraits
    • 18th – Homecoming Court Information Going Out
    • 25th – Senior Portraits
  • September
    • 23th – Senior Portraits
    • 24th – Senior Class Meeting/Breakfast (7am in Cafeteria) – 9/24 Meeting Notes
    • 24th – Homecoming Game (7pm at Stadium)
  • October
    • 8th – Senior Class Panoramic (9:30am in GJHS Gym – wear school colors)
  • November
    • 5th – Senior Class Meeting/Breakfast (8am in GJHS Gym)/Herff Jones Presentation/Order Herff Jones during lunches
    • 9th – Senior Cap & Gown Order Date (during lunch)
    • 9th – Herff Jones Parent Night (4pm – 6pm in Cafeteria)
    • 10th – Senior Cap & Gown Order Date (during lunch)
    • 19th – Senior Class Meeting/Lunch (1pm at Cafeteria Patio) – 11/19 Meeting Notes
    • 19th – Senior Yearbook Ads Due
  • December
  • January
    • 10th – Begin Selling Grad Bash @ Universal/Islands of Adventure Tickets (See Price List Below) – Begin Organizing Field Day Teams and Sponsors
    • 14th – Last Day for Seniors (and ALL students) to Purchase Yearbooks
    • 21st – Senior Class Meeting/Breakfast (7am GJ Cafeteria) – 1/21 Meeting Notes
  • February
    • 10th – Cap & Gown Pictures (Must Pre-Pay) (7:30am – 11:30am)
    • 11th – Senior Class Meeting/Breakfast (7am GJ Cafeteria) – 2/11 Meeting Notes
    • 28th – Field Day Team Packets are Due
    • 28th – Grad Bash Ticket Money Due
  • March
    • 1st – Prom Tickets go on sale ($75)
    • 4th – Senior Sunrise Event and Meeting (6:30am @ Stadium) – 3/4 Meeting Notes
    • 18th – Senior Class Meeting/Breakfast/Senior Field Day – Senior Field Day Notes
  • April
    • 1st – All Community Service Time Sheets are Due
    • 8th – Staff v Students Basketball Game (12:16pm in GJHS Gym)
    • 8th – Last Day to purchase Prom Tickets (No tickets sold at door)
    • 9th – Prom @ Coronado Springs Disney Resort (8pm – 11pm)
    • 18th – Senior Announcement Delivery
    • 29th – Grad Bash at Universal/Islands of Adventure (Meet at front of school @ 4pm) – Final Grad Bash Reminders
  • May
    • 5th & 6th – Cap & Gown Delivery (Pickup during all lunches. Any cap & gown not picked up will be be available to be picked up in Mr. Townley’s room 1216)
    • 12th – Senior Awards (By Invitation – TBA)
    • 13th – Seniors’ Last Day
    • 13th – “Walk Down Memory Lane” Senior Walk for R. Bruce Wagner Elementary (3:30pm)
    • 17th – Medulla Elementary Grad Parade (2:35) – Medulla Grad Parade Flyer
    • 18th – Senior Class Graduation Meeting/Breakfast (8am in Cafeteria – All Seniors must be present) – May Graduation Meeting Notes
    • 19th – Senior Walk for Scott Lake Elementary (8:30am – please wear your cap and gown when participating) – Scott Lake ‘Clap Out’ Flyer
    • 19th – Senior Walk for Valleyview Elementary (9am)
    • 19th – Senior Walk for Lincoln Avenue Academy (8am) – Lincoln Avenue Academy Breakfast and Clap-Out Flyer
    • 19th – “Walk Down Memory Lane” Senior Walk for Rochelle School of the Arts (1:30pm – 2:30pm) “Walk Down Memory Lane” Flyer
    • 21st – Graduation (12pm @ The RP Funding Center) – Graduation Information Letter
    • 25th – Senior Walk for Winston Academy (10am) – Winston Elementary Senior Walk Flyer
    • TBA – Senior Exams

Senior Class Things You Need to Know

Privilege Cards All expenses for the senior class throughout the year are paid directly through senior class fundraising. The purchase of a privilege card is each senior’s contribution to these costs as the major fundraiser. The privilege card is required for the breakfasts and lunch, participation in field day, Powder Puff / Volley Buff, and free admission to the multiple senior class events that will occur throughout the year. Please purchase your card as early as possible!

Senior Field Day This event is a fun day for seniors to team up with the friends and compete against their peers in traditional outdoor relay games. The senior teams must get a school-board approved adult (if getting a teacher then you will also collect money to pay for the teacher’s substitute), design and pay for their team shirt (shirts will be ordered through the senior class at a bulk-order cost), and submit the approved paperwork with parent/guardian signature before the deadline. We encourage all seniors to participate in this incredibly fun event!

Grad Bash @ Universal Studios/Islands of Adventure Grad Bash is an annual event where all seniors gather with other seniors from around the state at Universal Studios/Islands of Adventure; the students will meet at the front of GJHS to load the busses on Friday afternoon and will return Saturday morning (times will be given as the date approaches). The cost of the ticket will include transportation to and from the event (students must travel the busses with our students and staff…no personal cars will be allowed), entrance to both parks and all roller coasters, a dinner option in the park, and the multiple concerts and events that will occur inside the park. The students will be responsible for their food, drinks, and any souvenirs they choose to purchase (outside of the provided meal). It is each senior’s responsibility to purchase their ticket, sign up for their bus preference, and have their district-required form notarized by each deadline. The deadlines for Grad Bash will not be altered for any student so it is essential they meet all required deadlines.

Cap and Gown Packet Orders All seniors who walk at the Graduation ceremony must have the proper cap, gown, tassel, and medallion ordered through Herff Jones; do not plan on ordering from another company as the fabric colors must all match in the traditional GJHS colors. (From our experience…hunter green from one company is not the same as another.) Cap and Gown orders will begin in October and can be purchased until the final day of 1st semester. If a senior has not ordered their cap and gown packets by the end of the 1st semester then they risk not walking at graduation. The administration and senior class sponsors of GJHS will not be held responsible for any student who does not walk due to their failure to purchase their cap and gown packets in a timely manner. Do not wait until this last day!

Estimated Senior Year Expenses (Some Items are Optional)

(These expenses are approximate and could change due to vendor costs and various options available)

Senior Privilege Card & Class T-Shirt $40
Cap, Gown, Tassel, and Medallion (Herff Jones) $80
Graduation Announcements (Herff Jones) $ Various Package Options
Senior Panoramic Portrait (Leonard’s Studio) $TBA
Senior Portraits $15 (Sitting Fee)
Cap and Gown Portraits $ Various Package Options
Grad Bash (Universal/Islands of Adventure)(Deadline to purchase tickets is February 28) $90
Yearbook $90 (Yearbook only) $100 (Yearbook w/ cover and nameplate)
Homecoming Ticket $25
Prom Ticket $75

Senior Class Contact Information

Mr. Townley ( – Senior Class Sponsor (Room #1216)

  • Senior Class Meeting/Breakfasts
  • Senior Class T-shirts/Privilege Cards
  • Grad Bash
  • Cap and Gowns/Graduation Announcements
  • Graduation Information

Mrs. Iatarola ( – Senior Class Sponsor (Media Center)

  • Senior Class Meetings/Breakfasts
  • Senior Field Day
  • Senior Panoramic Portrait
  • Senior Cap and Gown Portraits
  • Grad Bash

Mrs. Higgins ( – Guidance

  • Community Service Hours/Deadlines
  • Transcripts via the Senior Exit Survey

Mrs. White ( – Guidance

  • Diplomas

Mrs. Salas ( – Yearbook Coordinator (Room #4224)

  • Senior Portraits
  • Cap and Gown Portraits
  • Yearbook Information