Community Service

Important Update: The date to have your community service hours turned in has changed. All community service hours must be turned in by April 1st, 2023.

Attention Seniors: The Polk Education Foundation is planning to open the scholarship website mid to late January. Therefore, your community service hours must be updated before Winter Break. PEF pulls your information from our school computer system so all community service hours have to be turned in to Mrs. Higgins in the Guidance Office to be updated BEFORE school closes for winter break.

Instruction Sheet

Community Service Packet

Volunteer Service Record: Keep the pink log sheet and start filling it out. When it is full, make a copy of it for your records and turn in the original to the Guidance Office. Pick up blank log sheets as needed. It is your responsibility to make copies of your log sheet for your service club sponsors. Copies will not be made in the Guidance Office.

Staple and return all of the forms to the guidance office as soon as they are completed. REMEMBER, ALL FORMS MUST BE TOTALLY COMPLETED BEFORE THEY WILL BE ACCEPTED AND BEFORE YOU BEGIN YOUR SERVICE HOURS.


  • All high school students are eligible to participate in this program.
  • Applications must be approved before service hours will be accepted. All applications must be turned in before April 1st. This includes seniors needing credit for graduation or Florida Bright Futures eligibility.
  • Students must perform volunteer services on their own time and may not perform such service during a regular class period or regular school day.
  • Students may not receive academic credit or be paid for services rendered.
  • Course-based service learning activities may be counted toward community service hours and Bright Futures Scholarship program (2009 Legislature, SB 1248, Section 2.Section 1003.497, Florida Statute).
  • Volunteer hours may be counted for the Florida Bright Futures Scholarship Program requirements and Honor/Awards and High School credit.

Hours that CANNOT be counted:

  • Donations (ie. canned goods, Locks of Love, Toys for Tots, etc.)
  • Service performed for pay
  • Church-specific activities done during church services
  • Work done for relatives
  • Work done during school hours
  • Court-ordered community service
  • Work part of a high school credit work program (DCT, OJT, Career Prep, etc.)
  • Work done as an extension of class (TV Productions, Drama, etc.)
  • Performances where admissions is charged
  • When purpose of performance is to promote the sponsoring organization
  • When sponsoring organization receives payment for performance
  • Job shadowing
  • Service related to armed services recruitment requirements
  • Work done for companies that operate FOR PROFIT.

Florida Bright Futures Scholarship Program: Students wishing to meet the Florida Bright Futures Scholarship requirements must serve a minimum of 30 approved community service hours for Florida Gold Seal Vocational Scholars Award, 75 hours for Florida Medallion Scholars, or 100 hours for Florida Academic Scholars in addition to meeting the other requirements. They must also complete a written plan.

  • All participants with 10-49 hours (accumulated in one year only): certificate
  • All participants with 50+ hours(accumulated in one year only): certificate w/ embossed seal
  • All participants with 100+ hours (upon initial accumulation only): silver pin (sponsored and awarded by Academic Booster Club)
  • All SENIORS with 250+ TOTAL hours will receive a silver cord and medallion to wear at graduation.
  • All Seniors with 1000+ total hours will receive the Exceeding Expectations Medallion.

High School Credit Program:

  • Students may receive ½ elective credit for each 75 hours of service (up to maximum of 1 credit)
  • Hours may be accumulated throughout the student’s high school years
  • Seniors must have application forms turned in by April 1st to receive credit for graduation.