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The curriculum offered at George Jenkins High School provides for all levels of education. GJHS offers a program of academies. It deals with wide range of categories such as Technology, Medicine and Law. These are just a few of the six academies offered at GJHS. Besides the academies, some courses offered here at GJHS run from basic courses to the more advanced college based courses. We offer a plethora of classes to accommodate all forms of students academically. There are plenty of opportunities for students to broaden their academic opportunities through some of our courses or academies. Electives offered at GJHS contain a broad amount of differences that allows the student to choose any path desired. Electives help the students try all forms of potential college courses that may in turn lead to their decision on what to study. Other programs offered at GJHS include ESOL and ESE for those students who need the extra help to succeed. Every student has the opportunity to grow and prosper with our programs and courses offered at GJHS.

Polk Virtual School through offers academic and elective courses for students who want more choices. These courses will satisfy the graduation requirement for a virtual course. Students may choose to take Driver’s Education if they are at least 14.5 years old. Many students choose to earn their PE requirements virtually by taking HOPE (both segments) or Personal Fitness (one segment) AND either Fitness Lifestyle or Outdoor Education (both one segment). Other recommended courses:

Personal and Family Finance (one segment/.5 credit)

  • Taxes
  • Credit cards
  • Money management skills
  • Investing in the future
  • Managing personal and family finances

Critical Thinking and Study Skills (one segment/.5 credit)

  • Test taking strategies
  • Study Techniques
  • ACE test taking methods to increase SAT, ACT, and tests for graduation

Law Studies (one segment/.5 credit) – also counts as an acedemic elective

  • Rights as an American citizen
  • Family and consumer law
  • State and Federal court systems
  • Judicial system
  • Criminal vs Civil law